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Horace France

Horace France is the Digital Director and Principal Digital Marketing Consultant at Iroma Media. He has 30+ years of experience in high level IT and Digital Marketing.

The main objective of Iroma Media is to help our clients to reach their target markets with simple but very effective and innovative Digital Marketing solutions.

Smart Business Cards
What's your next step after making a connection ? Why not automatically send your connection a thank you note, a product brochure, next event information, etc. All this is possible with our Smart Business Cards. 
Get more Google Reviews
Google loves its sites to have certified reviews and responses from its site owners is an added benefit to get local high rankings. Our Review Management System can automate the entire process. 

Have a look at demo of the Reply Module - Add your company and press submit. -

Business Content Marketing
Business Content Syndication of your content on Major Business News sites like Business Insider and Associated Press.

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